Headhunting Application
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  Home number
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  Work number
  Mother's profession
  Father's profession
  ID number of person responsible for account
  Home language
  Family religion / denomination
  Preferred religion of candidate
  Is it required for the aupair to participate in family outings and holidays?
  I'm looking for:
  Babysitter Only
  Full time Aupair (more than 15 hours a week)
  Part time aupair (less than 15 hours a week)
  Holiday Aupair
  Night Nurse
  Domestic Childminder
  What date do you require the candidate to start?
  Please complete your child(ren)'s details:
Name Age GenderCan he/she swim?
AllergiesSpecial needsPersonalities
  Please give a detail description of the candidate's duties:
  Hours per week required / specify times:
  Hours per weekend required / specify times:
SaturdaySundayPublic Holiday
  Will the candidate be required to:
  1) cook meals?
  2) do grocery shopping?
  3) take the children on outings and transport them around?
  4) pack lunch boxes and school bags for the following day?
  5) work over weekends?
  6) work on public holidays?
  7) work during school holidays?
  Please describe the form of discipline you would like to be used with your children:
  Are your children permitted to watch television and play computer games, if so for how long each day?
  What other, if any, assistance do you have in the home?
  Qualifications required (i.e. first aid, qualified teacher or an aupair course):
  What experience do you require?
  Monthly salary offered
  Accommodation offered (live in only)
  Rate of payment for overtime / babysitting hours?
  Is use of the family telephone allowed?
  Will a prepaid cell phone card be provided?
  Annual leave
  Will a car be provided for childcare duties?
  If yes to the above, will the car be provided for private use?
  Have you had an aupair before?
  Are you looking for a male or female aupair?
  Do you have an age preference?
  Non smoker or smoking permitted?
  Will the candidate be required to travel with you?
  Will the candidate be required to work in December?
  Is a driver’s licence required?
  Where did you hear about us?

We confirm that all questions have been answered honestly and truthfully. We shall set house rules where applicable for our chosen candidate.

Aupairs Exclusive will not be held responsible for any damage or loss in the residence of the host family.

  * By signing this agreement I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the terms and conditions set out in the attached document outlining fees, job descriptions and salaries and by affixing my signature hereto I accept the same.
  Full name & Surname:

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