• Has completed a nursing degree with an accredited nursing college or a basic caseworkers course.
  • Can be registered with the Nursing Council Of South Africa 
  • Works a 12 hour shift at night from 6pm to 6am or 7pm to 7am 
  • Wears a nursing uniform / care workers uniform while on duty 
  • Will bath the children if required
  • Will feed the children during the night and wind the babies 
  • Will change nappies and keeps a written record of all activities
  • Will keep them as calm as possible and put them back to sleep 
  • Takes tea, coffee, juice and snacks while on duty
  • Will stay awake while on duty or nap if permitted to do so by the family
  • Earns a daily rate not a monthly salary, this rate includes transport money
  • Has worked previously at a private home with babies 
  • Has completed a sleep training course 

R300 per 12 shift up to R450 per 12 hour shift

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