Our mission is to provide a wide selection of reliable, trustworthy and loyal candidates.

We aim to assist each family in finding a suitable candidate to care for their children with the same love and compassion that the children are used to receiving from their parents.

Our placement service includes permanent or tempory aupairs, babysitters, night nurses, childminders and domestics.



Membership fee - This fee is to allow the client the use of the site for 30 consecutive days. It gives the member perks that non-members cannot access. It covers the cost of the nanny search within the allocated time frame. This fee is payable upfront.

Once off placement fee - This fee gives the client one on one service from the office of Aupairs Exclusive. The client only pays once they have found a suitable candidate and they have a longer guarantee period, can be up to 3 months on permanent placements. There is no time frame given to find a candidate.

Experience - The candidates listed will have the relevant experience, however they may not be the top of their trade.

Experience - The candidates sourced will be of higher calibre often having been placed multiple times by Aupairs Exclusive with an excellent track record.

Communication - The online process does not give the one on one communication from agency to family however the family can have direct contact with candidates thus excluding the agency.

Communication - The family can contact Aupairs Exclusive directly via email or phone call during business hours and can expect and immediate if not same day response.

Costs - The placement fee is a lot cheaper, as a client you are taking more responsibility for your choice of candidate and you are required to do this within a given time frame. If done correctly this can be very cost effective. 

Costs - The placement comes at a higher premium but the client is relying on the expertise and years of knowledge and industry know how from Aupairs Exclusive when making recommendations on candidates. 

Screening - All candidates uploaded have still been interviewed in person by Aupairs Exclusive so the basic screening process has been met, however it is up to the family to now check references etc.By viewing them online you are not waiting to receive cv’s, you can make a quick first impression decision based on the information provided, this cuts down on the recruitment process time.

Screening - All candidates have been interviewed in person by Aupairs Exclusive, written references are supplied and at least one of them has been called. Only the top 3 candidates are sent to a client to save them time when interviewing.

Backgound check - This is up to the family to request from the candidate.

Background check - The family can request Aupairs Exclusive to do these.

Training - Aupairs Exclusive strongly encourages all candidates to undergo ongoing training. In the online process it is not mandatory for the candidates to have completed either the Sleep course or child care course offered by Aupairs Exclusive.

Training - Aupairs Exclusive will ensure that all permanent placement candidates have completed either the Sleep course or the child care course offered at the office.

Documentation - Employment contracts, terminations etc. can be downloaded and filled in by the client.

Documentation - The employment contraction, confirmation and any other documents required by the family will be completed as much as possible by Aupairs Exclusive and sent to the family.

Support - Aupairs Exclusive can be contacted at any time for extra assistance or advice.

Support - Aupairs Exclusive can be contacted at any time for extra assistance or advice.

Support after placement - A follow up will be done after placement to ensure both the candidate and family are happy.

Support after placement - A follow up will be done after placement to ensure both the candidate and family are happy.


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