In the beginning the children may find it difficult adjusting to you and your way of doing things. You will have to work hard at earning their trust and co-operation. This could be difficult as you are trying to find your footing in a new job at the same time.

The first few weeks are however very important in bridging a relationship with the children as this will set the tone for the duration of your employment with the family.

One of the best things you can do is to be as flexible as possible and work with the current routine that has been instilled in the children. The children will feel more secure if you stick to their daily routines and you use the same methods of discipline as the parents and previous nanny. However do not become too forceful as this will call cause alot of unnecessary stress.

When the children are being uncooperative, avoid confrontations with them and try your best to make the situation into a game or some level of fun. If for example they are taking to long to get to the car, turn it into a race saying whoever gets to the car first will win a treat.  Another idea would be asking them for assistance so that they can feel important. For example you could ask them how to get to the library.

If you still have problems try starting a game on your own and waiting for them to join in because it looks interesting. That way you could start a discussion with them and this would be a good start to building new relations.

Never loose your temper and storm out the room, throwing your own tantrum because the children will not co- operate. Instead breathe in and out and walk away and come back a few minutes later and try again. The children are just testing you to see where your weak points lye.

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