Aupairs almost never overlap, however sometimes families will ask the nanny being replaced to stay on for a limited period to help make the transition smoother. This short period of overlap can either be a great help or an extra source of aggravation, depending on the circumstances and your point of view.

On the good side, the initial work load will be split between two people and you will be able to adjust to your new responsibilities. The current nanny will be able to give you alot of advice on what works for the children, daily routines, methods of discipline used, the quirks of each family member and she will have more time to show you around than the mom will.

On the downside the current nanny could be a bit intimidating. She will appear to be more confident and efficient than you. With your emotions at that moment in a new job and trying to fit in and be liked by the children this could all prove to be overwhelming. The children will openly show their dislike for you and their need for the current nanny to stay. This is a person who they have gotten to know and build a relationship with so you would have to try really hard to be patient and understanding. The plus to this situation is that one day you will be replaced and the children will then prefer you.

Try not to feel inadequate and remember that in time you will be more comfortable in your position and more efficient and the children will have grown to like you. Being new in any job is an uncomfortable and uneasy feeling, and as a care giver to children, it is doubly as hard because you are dealing with a mom’s most precious gifts – her children.

Even when your predecessor is no longer around, the family will still have fond memories of her and both parents and children will bring her up in conversation. As frustrating as this may be remember that one day they will be talking about you in the same way. This phase will pass once the family and children have become accustomed to your ways.

Looking after children is a fantastic experience even with all its hurdles. Enjoy each day one at a time.

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